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Galatians Chapter 1


  • Galatians 1:1 Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead;)
  • 2 And all the brethren which are with me, unto the churches of Galatia:
  • 3 Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ,

The apostle Paul was called into the ministry, not by the training or calling of men but by the Lord Himself. He was on the road to Damascus to persecute believers in Jesus Christ when the Lord called him. Notice here that Paul refers to both the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ showing clearly two separate persons. They are both divine and they are both God but they are two persons. Jesus told us that they were one just as He wants us to be one. This is like a husband and wife becomes one when they marry. One in unity. One in purpose. The reason so many marriages are breaking apart is because they are not one anymore. They are going their separate ways, doing their own thing, trying to "get a life" and their losing their way. Churches break apart because they are not one in purpose. God cannot break apart though. Father, Son and Holy Ghost are one. 

  • 3 Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ,
  • 4 Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father:
  • 5 To whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Jesus gave Himself for our sins, He chose to do so of His own free will obeying the will of the Father. He wants to deliver us from this present evil world. If we would rather love this present evil world instead of accepting what Jesus has to offer us, we will perish along with this evil world. 

In the book of 1 John, we are told to "Love not the world neither the things of the world, if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. " This is pretty strong teaching. We cannot lose our love for the world by ourselves. We need to be changed, delivered. This is what is to come by the new birth. We repent of sins and make a turn around by our own choice but the new birth is a spiritual gift from God that renews the inner man. We may one day have to make a choice to remain in the faith or to go back and be in bondage to the world again. The will of the Father is that we be delivered from those old things and walk in the newness of life. 

Jesus gave Himself also that the Word might sanctify us. The receiving of the Word cleanses us and sanctifies us. Every time we read His word and receive what we read into our inner most being, we are being cleansed and sanctified. To neglect the word is to rob our own souls. 

  • Ephesians 5:26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, 
  • 27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

Oh let us not take these things lightly. Let us hunger and thirst after these things. They will not only save our souls but those with whom we come in contact with; those who may accept the teaching of the Word. 

  • 6 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:
  • 7 Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.
  • 8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Paul was deeply troubled that some converts were removed to another gospel away from the grace of Christ, some were perverting the gospel of Christ. 

Some were trying to get people to go back under the law and to try to keep the law in order to be saved. They were teaching that the grace that came through Jesus Christ was not enough to save them. They taught that they needed to observe the law of Moses and rituals like circumcision in order to be fully accepted by God.

Paul teaches that they were making null and void the salvation by grace if they went back into the old law of trying to be saved by the works of the law. No man except Christ has ever kept the law in all points anyway so it would be a futile attempt if we tried to be saved that way. It is much easier to trust in Christ to provide our salvation by faith in Him. He already paid the price or penalty for sinning against the law of God even though He himself did no sin. He paid the price for it anyway so that those who trust in Him can have their sins forgiven and put away from us. We don't have to pay for our own sins since He already paid that penalty on our behalf.
This freedom and deliverance from sin is only for those who believe in Him. If we do not believe and receive this free gift of salvation, then His death on the cross will not count for us. We are saved by faith in Him and nothing else. We may try to go back and keep the law but we will fail, the flesh is too weak. All we have to do is break the law in one point and we would lose our salvation. There is no way we can keep the whole law without fail. 

If we don't accept God's plan of salvation, we will have to pay for our own sins. The penalty of sin is eternal death. The gift of God is eternal life. Why do so many refuse this? Maybe they prefer to hold on to the old man of sin. Jesus Christ makes us free. We do not have to be in bondage to anything. The Holy Spirit is there to set us free. Whether it be lust, alcohol, drugs, selfishness, pride, wickedness, greed, or whatever it is that tries to bring us down, Jesus Christ makes us whole when we come to Him with all our hearts and repent of our old ways and receive Him. If we are still having a problem with sin after receiving the gospel of salvation, maybe we are holding back and not fully trusting in Him completely. Jesus Christ makes us whole.

Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation was the warning Jesus gave to us. Open up our minds to the word of God and keep in fellowship with Jesus constantly. Communicate.

Through Christ we are redeemed and delivered from the curse of the law, which tells us what sin is and how sin destroys the soul and separates us from God. By reading the Old Testament we can see what sin is and how we need a savior. There is no way on our own that we can possibly stop sinning. We need a savior. 

Through faith in Jesus to take away our sins, we become free from sin. He gives us the power to overcome sin. We not only get our sins forgiven but we can overcome them. The drunkard doesn't have to be under the bondage of alcohol anymore. He can be free. The murderer can be free. The thief can be free. This is the living water, the power that comes into the inner man that God gives believers so that they no longer desire the sins of this world but begin to desire the things of God instead. He ushers in a new life and a new beginning. We cannot possibly get rid of sin without the power of God. 

So what if we fail after receiving Christ and go back into sin. Don't give up. Seek the face of God immediately and get that old stuff back out. We never want to be in bondage to the old nature again. Its a new covenant as new way and a new beginning. That is what being "born again" means.  We are born of the spirit of God. Wow. 

  • 1 John 1:9 says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  

1 John 1:9 was not written to unbelievers but believers who have sinned. The way of salvation is totally dependent upon the Lord Jesus Christ to save us. We become free from the curse of the law, free from the heaviness of sin and free to live and walk in the Spirit that is given to us from God. A new birth, living water (the Holy Spirit) and a new beginning. Old things are passed away and all things become new; a new and living way.

Its like the newness of spring, a new innocent baby and a clean rippling brook flowing freely with no pollution. This is more than just turning over a new leaf and trying to do a few good deeds in our own strength. This is receiving the power of the Holy Spirit to give victory over sin. God's gift is inward. It is power given to us from God. Its something we cannot possibly earn or merit by our own outward actions. It is freely given to all who believe. It is so simple and free that a little child who has done nothing but believe can receive it. We just need to recognize our need to be saved and our need to depend upon Jesus Christ alone for salvation. 

To simplify this: Without Jesus we are lost, with Jesus we are saved. 

  • 9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.
  • 10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.
  • 11 But I certify you, brethren that the gospel, which was preached of me, is not after man.
  • 12 For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Paul was pointing out the fact that the gospel he received was straight from the Lord. He did not receive it by hearing another preach or by Jesus when Jesus walked on the earth before He was crucified. Paul received the gospel by the Lord himself in a vision on the road to Damascus.

Afterward he learned the word through the Holy Spirit and continuing in prayer. 

  • 13 For ye have heard of my conversation in time past in the Jews' religion, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it:
  • 14 And profited in the Jews' religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers.

Paul once persecuted believers in Christ and even consented to their arrest and murder. His conversion shows the mercy and power of God. It show had those that do murder can be saved if they come to Jesus. It also shows clear what true salvation is. Paul did not continue to murder after his conversion. Paul truly repented of his old life and was born again. He was no longer a murderer because Jesus Christ had made him free from the old man and the old nature. This should settle the question of whether we should expect to continue in sin after we are saved and expect to be saved. If a murderer is saved by grace, does he continue to murder and still expect to be saved because he is under grace. No. 

We must not go back under the bondage of sin if we have received the gift of eternal life. If we make mistakes and sin, we have to go back, repent and make it right with God as soon as possible. We will make mistakes but we must not excuse ourselves in those mistakes and say well I'm only human and I'm under grace so I don't have to repent. Sin should always grieve us, whether we do it or someone else. I don't like the term, "I'm just a sinner, saved by grace." We are saved by grace and cannot save ourselves but if we are saved by grace we are no longer to consider ourselves sinners. 

Paul though was an important man in the Jewish religion, he was respected and feared. He forsook all this to become a despised, hated, follower of Jesus Christ. If this gospel were not real he would not have given up the position he had. 

  • 15 But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by his grace,
  • 16 To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood:

Paul rejoices that God remembered him and called him to this purpose even while he was still within his mother's womb. Thank God his mom didn't believe in abortion. Look what we would have missed. He completely gives the Lord glory for his salvation and not anything he (Paul) did religiously to earn it. Paul after receiving this revelation from the Lord did not ask advice from other disciples but followed the leading of the Spirit. 

  • 17 Neither went I up to Jerusalem to them, which were apostles before me; but I went into Arabia, and returned again unto Damascus.
  • 18 Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter, and abode with him fifteen days.

He didn't even see Peter until three years after his own conversion so Paul's conversion did not depend upon anyone else besides the Lord Himself. 

  • 19 But other of the apostles saw I none, save James the Lord's brother.
  • 20 Now the things which I write unto you, behold, before God, I lie not.
  • 21 Afterwards I came into the regions of Syria and Cilicia;
  • 22 And was unknown by face unto the churches of Judaea which were in Christ:
  • 23 But they had heard only, That he who persecuted us in times past now preacheth the faith which once he destroyed.
  • 24 And they glorified God in me.

We can also rejoice and praise God that Paul was converted. Through his conversion many more were to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This is the power of God. He, which once was a lost, misguided persecutor of the church, was now a glorious powerful man of God because of the grace of God. This thing is real, folks. Yet, Paul took the time to write this epistle because of the seriousness of forsaking the gospel of Jesus Christ and learning of a new gospel that is not dependent upon Christ alone. DJC.