Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit

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Gift of Faith

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  • 1Corinthians 12:9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

What the supernatural gift of Faith is not:

  1. First of all faith is not simply hoping that something will happen. Hope is a good thing and we all need to have hope but the supernatural gift of faith that comes by the Holy Spirit is not just hoping that good is going to occur although that is a good trait to have. 

  2. This also is not the saving faith that saves us from sin and causes us to become a child of God. The gift of faith is different and works at the will of the Spirit just like all the other gifts. 

  3. It is not just the natural ability some have when it seems they always have faith. Iím sure their kind of faith is a gift of God and is special but it is still not the supernatural manifestation of the gift of faith. 

  4. The gift of faith is not just how we believe. We refer to someoneís belief system as their faith. That is okay to call it that for faith is how we believe and what we believe but that is not the supernatural gift of faith. This is something entirely different in operation and is not just what we believe all the time. 

  5. The gift of faith is not confidence. Although I want to make it clear that we all need to have confidence in God at all times and this is something we can develop as we study the word and grow in grace. The gift of faith though is not what is referred to when we speak of confidence in the Lord. 

  6. It is not child like faith. This most of all should be what we desire to obtain. Simply child like faith that God means what He says and says what He means. Child like faith is something we should develop and it is something we can develop but the gift of faith is not what we refer to as child like faith. 

The definition of faith according to the bible is, ďThe substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen with our natural eyes.Ē It is something we all should develop and possess as we read the word and communicate with our Father in Heaven. 

The gift of faith though is still a little different. It is the supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit that places the assurance of an answer to a certain prayer in our hearts at a certain point in time. It is similar to the gift of knowledge in that when this occurs we know ahead of time supernaturally that what we prayed for is going to happen. This is not guesswork. When we receive this gift of faith at a certain time, whatever our spirit is saying will happen, and will most certainly occur. 

This kind of faith will bring almost instant results. I believe every time we see someone miraculously healed instantly, God used someone in the gift of faith and it may not even be the person who laid hands on the sick person. Yet it may be them. That gift of faith at the moment may be in the person who receives the healing. The gift of faith is different than the gift of healing in that it can concern other answers to prayer besides physical healing. 

We can be praying for a person to be saved and the Holy Spirit will put this gift of faith into our hearts and we can know for sure that person will be saved. Iíve had this happen to me before. 

This definitely is similar to the gift of miracles and works with that gift. The gift of faith is supernatural and it may be given to any of us when needed. 

Again I emphasize that the nine gifts of the spirit must not be confused with natural talents and gifts that also come from God. We may meet people that seem to always have faith and we may think they have this gift of faith but not necessarily. The gift will work at the will of the spirit and it occurs spontaneously and when we do not expect it just like all the other gifts. 

One person may be used one week and another person another week. We just do not know. This gift cannot be developed but the other kind of faith can be developed as we grow in the Lord. The supernatural type of gift is a spontaneous gift that comes at the will of the spirit. 

Our part just as with all other nine gifts of the spirit is to be available and willing to be used of the Holy Spirit so that we are listening to His voice. If our minds is cluttered by a lot of junk, we have not been talking to the Lord in prayer and our bibles are getting dusty on our shelves, we probably will not be used by the spirit in any of the gifts. If we never see the Holy Spirit working in our midst maybe this is the reason. It is not Godís fault if we would rather do everything else. 

Examples in the bible. 

  1. In 2nd Kings chapter 6 there is the account of the king of Syria sending many chariots and troops to surround Elijah and his servant. The servant of Elijah saw them and was afraid. Elijah with the gift of faith told the servant not to fear because those that were with them (Elijah and the servant) was a much greater number than the number of the enemy. He then prayed for the servantís eyes to be opened and his eyes were open and he saw the chariots and armies that the Lord had sent to protect them. 

  2. By the gift of faith Noah built the Ark, knowing what was coming. 

  3. The children of Israel marching around Jericho was also a gift of faith. They would have felt silly if they did not have faith that the walls of Jericho would come down.

  4. In the New Testament. We see the gift of faith in action all through the book of Acts. First the man at the temple that was paralyzed. It was the gift of faith that caused Peter and John to say to him, Silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I under thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk. We see the gift of healing working with faith at this time. 

  5. The gift of faith is present when any healing is done but it also works in other instances when it doesnít involve healing. It works with miracles, helps and all other places where it is needed. 

  6. Another example is when the women who was healed when she touched the hem of the garment of Jesus. She felt that if she could just touch the garment, she would be healed.  I believe that was the gift of faith given to her at that moment.  

When someone receives the gift of faith at any given moment and a miracle or healing occurs, we can be assured that it was the will of God because when something occurs by this means it is by the will of the spirit and would not have occurred without the will of the spirit. 

There are times when healing occurs and God does things in His mercy and just because we ask in faith and sometimes when we donít have any faith but when the gift of faith is present, it is always the direct will of God. 

So we see that a person who never has much faith as a general rule can be given the gift of faith at a certain point to time at the will of the spirit and a person who always has faith may never be used in that gift although he or she probably will be at some point in time. 

Like all other gifts, this one is spontaneous and it a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It is not something we work up or plan. It cannot be developed, although faith can be developed and should be developed as we continually seek God. The gift of faith is a gift, not something we earn and we never know when it will occur. Our part like with all other gifts is to be listening to the spirit.


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