Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit

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Gift of Miracles

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  • 1 Corinthians 12: 7-10 But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of miracles;

Before continuing into the realm of miracles I want to back up and remind us of a few things Paul said at the beginning of this chapter. Remember he acknowledged that these Corinthians were once into idolatry and were led astray by those spirits that were behind the idols. I believe he was trying to make sure that the Corinthian church left the idolatry and fake stuff behind and learned that the true signs and wonders are to be given to all who believe to edify the church, confirm the word and not to just gain attention or attraction to glorify the one doing the miracle.

One thing Paul said in the verse I quoted above was that the manifestation of the Spirit is given, to one is given by the Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit. 

This is just a friendly reminder that these are gifts of the spirit and not our gifts or gifts of man. He was showing us diversity in the body of Christ but at the same time a type of unity in the body of Christ. We are all to work together yet in our separate ways. We are not to say that the hand is greater than the foot or that the one person is greater or better than another person. 

We also should not limit God to our own traditional understanding of what church is. If God leads some into house churches, fine. We should not exclude them and they should not exclude us. Unfortunately some of them think any organized church is part of the harlot church because we are organized. They are limiting God though to their own understanding. We are only part of the harlot church if we have gone into apostasy and are doing as the harlot church does. On the other hand we should not say they have to be like us and have a headquarters and such to be ďrightĒ with God. They might be able to reach people we cannot reach and we will be able to reach people that they cannot reach. By love serve one another. 

We also need to be reminded that all these things are for the glory of God, to bring people to God and to show that Jesus is the Christ that was raised from the dead. The same Holy Ghost that heals the sick is the same Holy Ghost that raised Jesus from the dead. It is all the work of the spirit and is not to glorify people. 

Sometimes I wish we would forget every name and just remember the name of Jesus. Idolatry is not just statues and icons. In todayís world this could be celebrity worship and looking toward those that are popular or big name evangelists and those that supposedly are doing a great work of God. Sometimes it is not their fault but the way people look to them instead of Christ. 

We do not have to tear them down, envy them or speak evil of them but neither are we to copy them, follow them or think we need them and their help before we can do any work for God. Jesus is the head of the church, not Rick Warren, Billy Graham or Chuck Smith and I'm not saying this to put down those men.

Healing should be following all of us, not just certain big name preachers. 

Revival can come at any time, we donít need Bro so and so or bishop whoever before we can have revival. They are not better, neither are they worse than you or I. 

God wants to use us. He put us here. We are the ones that need to be used by the Holy Spirit to bring revival to our local assembly. We must quit holding menís persons in admiration, thinking we canít do anything until so and so arrives and holds a revival. God does send people on occasion to stir us up and we do need to hear visitors and those God sends to hold revivals and such but I'm only pointing out that we don't have to depend on that for revival. God can bring revival in a church just by the local congregation starting to pray and seek God in earnest. Yes occasionally bring in someone that God sends to us with a special message but not to become dependent upon that one method.  Let God use local people too.

Now to speak of the gift of miracles. 

  1. Miracles are like healing except they involve things that may or may not be a physical healing. Someone being raised from the dead for instance is a miracle. 
  2. First of all, it is not natural miracles that occur for instance in nature. We see the beauty of Godís creation all around us and of course it is miraculous but that is not what the gift of miracles given to believers in the body of Christ is. 
  3. It is not a medical breakthrough. Surely a cure for cancer would be a miracle and I do believe God is the one who places that knowledge in people to come up with cures like that. I believe the people that come up with the answer to polio really got that from God. Still that is not the spiritual gift of miracles that is one of the nine gifts of the spirit. 
  4. It is not modern inventions like electricity, radio, television and technology. The computer seems like a miracle to me. Yet this is not the miracles spoken of as a gift of the spirit. 
  5. We may see a miracle of someone being rescued by a skilled worker of some kind and that is a miracle and I do believe they had the divine help of a merciful God but that is not what we are referring to as the gift of miracles. 
  6. The gift of miracles is not natural and an ordinary man in his or her own strength cannot accomplish this type of miracle. 
  7. It is not luck or something that occurs by chance. 

The spiritual gift of miracles is a supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit doing a supernatural act that man cannot do.

We can quote Mark 16: 17-20 for reference which some modern theologians have tried to say does not belong in the bible. They would have to throw out the whole book of Acts too if that were the case. 

The gift of miracles occur as the will of the Holy Spirit at the right time, when and where He wills. We do not just decide that we are going to have a miracle today. In fact all nine gifts work this same way. 

Miracles bring glory to God, bring the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and demonstrate with visible outward signs the truth of Godís word. It is to convince unbelievers that Godís word is true, Jesus is truly the way of salvation and the only way to God and that what we are speaking and teaching is true. 

It is not to glorify men and cause men to be in control of a group of people. It is not to show off or use as a side show for the gift itself. The gift is to glorify the Lord. 

It is do Godís divine will as He desires to see as many saved as possible before His second coming. 

Miracles deliver people from danger, troubles, accidents and also causes something to happen that is needful in order to further the cause of Christ. 


  1. Elijah raising the widowís son from the dead. 1 Kings 17. 
  2. Elijah pouring water all over an offering to God yet the offering caught fire when the prophets of Baal could not do the same. 1 Kings 18. 
  3. Naamonís leprosy came upon Gehazi when we took the reward Elisha refused to take. 2 Kings 4. 
  4. Moses and Aaron did many signs and wonders in Egypt. The magicians could only duplicate some of them. 
  5. God opened up the Red sea so Israel could cross. 
  6. Daniel escaped harm in the lionís den. 
  7. The three Hebrew children were not burnt in the fire when they were cast into the fiery furnace. 
  8. Paul was not bitten by a viper when anyone else would have died. 
  9. Tradition says that John was boiled in oil but was not harmed. Paul was set free from chains while in prison. 
  10. Peter was used of God to raise up Dorcas from the dead.
  11. Jesus did many miracles. Signs and wonders followed the apostles. 

These were all to show us that God was the real God in the Old Testament and that Jesus was sent by God to save us from sin, in the New Testament. They were not done to exalt Moses, Elijah, Peter, Paul, John or Elisha but to bring people who had sinned back to God. 

Just because Jesus warned against false prophets who do signs and wonders and because so many have used these things to try to raise money, to make a name for themselves and really messed up big time does not mean that we should ignore what is meant for the church to have in order to convince the world around us that the word of God is the truth and that Jesus is the only way of salvation. 

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