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Jeremiah Chapter 47


  • Jeremiah 47:1 The word of the LORD that came to Jeremiah the prophet against the Philistines, before that Pharaoh smote Gaza. 
  • 2 Thus saith the LORD; Behold, waters rise up out of the north, and shall be an overflowing flood, and shall overflow the land, and all that is therein; the city, and them that dwell therein: then the men shall cry, and all the inhabitants of the land shall howl. 
  • 3 At the noise of the stamping of the hoofs of his strong horses, at the rushing of his chariots, and at the rumbling of his wheels, the fathers shall not look back to their children for feebleness of hands; 
  • 4 Because of the day that cometh to spoil all the Philistines, and to cut off from Tyrus and Zidon every helper that remaineth: for the LORD will spoil the Philistines, the remnant of the country of Caphtor. 
  • 5 Baldness is come upon Gaza; Ashkelon is cut off with the remnant of their valley: how long wilt thou cut thyself? 
  • 6 O thou sword of the LORD, how long will it be ere thou be quiet? put up thyself into thy scabbard, rest, and be still. 
  • 7 How can it be quiet, seeing the LORD hath given it a charge against Ashkelon, and against the sea shore? there hath he appointed it.

Jeremiah foretells the destruction of Gaza of the Philistines. Of course now in this day and age we see that most of these prophecies have already come to pass. It is interesting though the Gaza of today is always in the news. Its a strip of land on the way to Egypt near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ashkelon also is nearby. The Babylonian Empire conquered all this territory and later went down into Egypt to conquer them. Babylon was allowed to continue until their time was up and their judgment came by the Medes and Persians which is modern day Iran. Then the Medes and Persinas were taken over by the Kingdom of Grecia and then that kingdom was overpowered later by the Romans. Romans were the rulers in the time of Christ. All these had a purpose but when their time was up, they were conquered.

The way a nation can be assured that their country continues and never is defeated is for that nation to fear the Lord. If the fear of God is present, evil is subdued. God has to stop evil and He sometimes waits and gives offending nations a chance to repent and to hear the gospel. If they never change and continue in sin, He allows them to continue until that evil gets so bad that they have to go. I don't really know what causes God to allow the destruction of nations but I can venture a guess as to what may be the last straw for God. This is just my speculation but its from reading about the history of nations that came before us.

  1. Human sacrifice
  2. Sacrificing children (including abortion)
  3. Cruel slavery
  4. Persecution of God's people
  5. Idolatry that causes other evils
  6. Human suffering caused by wicked leaders.
  7. Men and women doing things that are against nature such as Pedophilia, human trafficking or sexual immorality that is forbidding in the bible, both old and new testaments especially that which is forced upon the innocent.
  8. Torture and bondage of the innocent.
  9. Forbidding the preaching of the gospel to save the lost.
  10. The worst of these being persecution of those preaching and teaching the word of God.

When a nation does this last thing, they've gone too far.

There are some in the good old USA who would forbid the gospel if they could on the ground of accusing them of hate crimes or other such nonsense. I've heard that Canada even now forbids preachers to warn against any kind of sexual promiscuity for fear of offending any group of people. This is close to coming to the United States. 

When you forbid someone to preach what God tells them to preach you are on dangerous ground. In that case they have to obey God rather than the law of the land.

If we know that a something is destroying people both physically and spirituality, We should try all our might as we are lead by the Holy Spirit. If we don't warn them and testify that such things are an abomination to God which will destroy whole societies if they do not repent and stop sinning and living in a way which is against the way God ordained when He created us. He did not create us to live in such a manner as to bring disease and physical destruction to our body, soul and spirit.

Through the power of God one who realizes that they are in sin whether it is sexual sin, especially against little children or any other sins written in the bible. We can be made free from that sin and be born again. Faith in Jesus Christ and His power to change lives can bring this about. Jesus can change any person and free him or her from any sin provided they recognize themselves as sinners in need of a savior. We then have to want to be free from sin and receive eternal life. We can be free. We are to be made clean, sanctified and be filled with The Holy Spirit.

  • Romans 6:22 But now being made free from sin and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto sanctification, and the end eternal life.
  • 23 For the wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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